"Designers need to have a solid grasp of the underlying structure of their pages. That means a knowledge of Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)," David Powers, Author of PHP Solutions
"As an SEO, knowing HTML is a must. You need to see and understand how the search engines are reading the source code of the web pages. If you can produce nice web sites in Notepad and type HTML without looking at the keyboard then itís good enough," Jim Westergren, SEO Expert"

Probably The Best HTML Tutorials You Will Find on The Blue Planet!

  The Turbo HTML tutorial series explains HTML Web Page Creation step by step in a fun and engaging way so that you can master web page design with HTML from simple web pages all the way to multi-page Websites. Each tutorial lesson builds upon the previous so that by the time you complete the final lessons you will have a solid foundation in web page design with html.

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Save Time And Money

The Turbo HTML tutorials have been developed by an expert over many months to be the easy and fast way to learn web page design with html. If you look elsewhere for the same quality you will probably have to shell out $1000's and even then there is no guarantee that the person who produced or teaches the course is a good and experienced trainer who cares about you!

When you complete this fast and easy HTML Tutorial series you will be able to:

  • create personal web pages
  • create web pages for your hobby or club
  • create web pages for your online business
  • stamp your individuality on your blog, Facebook or MySpace pages
  • impress your friends or family with your new web knowledge
  • make better use of tools like Dreamweaver or Frontpage
  • ... and a whole lot more!

Why Is It So Important To Master HTML?

  An investment in learning html will reward you many fold. All professional web page designers know html and use this knowledge to their advantage when designing a web page. When you learn to create web pages with html you will be miles ahead of most people with your understanding of the web and you will know how to design a web page that does exactly what you want it to do.

  The majority of people who start designing web pages think that they need to buy a web design software package. This is ok but what then happens is that they never really get to grips with how the web page is actually structured and how it really works. By first learning to make your web pages with html you will be able to get the most out of any web page design software package.