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"Designers need to have a solid grasp of the underlying structure of their pages. That means a knowledge of Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)," David Powers, Authpr of PHP Solutions
"As an SEO, knowing HTML is a must. You need to see and understand how the search engines are reading the source code of the web pages. If you can produce nice web sites in Notepad and type HTML without looking at the keyboard then itís good enough," Jim Westergren, SEO Expert"

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  If you are keen to make great HTML web pages for your hobby, club or entrepreneurial business... if your Dreamweaver or Frontpage web pages never turn out how you imagine them... if you want to finally make your mark as a web page designer...

  ...then I've got good news: the Turbo HTML tutorial series explains HTML Web Page Creation step by step in a fun and engaging way ... so that you can master web page creation with HTML from simple web pages all the way to multi-page Websites.

This tutorial series is right for you if:

  • You want to master the essential webmaster skill of web page creation with html, but don't want to shell out the $500 to $5000 dollars required for a decent training course.
  • You want to make a great website for your club or hobby.
  • You want to use HTML to make your website or blog stand out from all the others.
  • You're a web entrepreneur or solo professional and want to write your own unique web pages.
  • You want to learn HTML fast and not spend days and weeks wading through books and online sites covered in annoying and distracting Advertisements.

Great News: It's Just Not Very Tough

  Web page creation using html is a skill that can be learned by just about anybody. My 69 year old father was one of the testers of this course. He has no website development experience but was keen to learn. He had looked at Dreamweaver but was intimidated by its complexity. When he went through Turbo HTML he was amazed: "I can't believe how easy it is, anyone could learn to write websites with this course."

  Even if you don't consider yourself a "techie" and have no web experience you can learn the skill of creating web pages with HTML. When you complete the 10 lessons of Turbo HTML and the bonus videos you will have a solid foundation in web design with html. With this foundation you will have the confidence to go on and master any web technology - including CSS, Javascript and PHP.

Here is What You Get...

Lesson 1 - HTML Jumpstart:
This lesson kickstarts your web page design and creation. You will learn about the World Wide Web, what html is, and how a web page is structured. You will use this new knowledge to write and test your first webpage.
Lesson 2 - How to Add Headings to Your Web Pages:
This lesson shows you how to add headings to your web pages. You will then write a web page for a fictitious Mountaineering website (Mountain World News) using your new knowledge of headings.
Lesson 3 - How to Format the Text on Your Web Pages:
This lesson shows you how to add text paragraphs to your web pages. It also shows you how add emphasis to the text by making it bold, italic or underlined. Finally you will create a web page with a simple list. It also shows you how to add ordered and unordered lists to your web pages.
Lesson 4 - How to Add Tables to Your Web Pages:
Tables are seen as one of the most complex areas of html, but this lesson shows you how to easily add tables to your web pages. It also introduces html attributes which allow you to better control how your table and pages look.
Lesson 5 - How to Add Color to Your Web Pages:
In this lesson you will learn how color is represented on a web page. You will also see how color is represented in hexadecimal notation (without blinking) and you will add color to one of your web pa gs. shows you how to add text paragraphs to your web pages.
Lesson 6 - How to Change the Fonts used on Your Web Pages:
This lesson shows you how to change the size, type and color of fonts on your web pages so that you can mix and match fonts to get the exact effect that you need.
Lesson 7 - How to Layout Your Web Pages:
This lesson shows you how to use a grid to layout your web pages. You will also layout and create the Mountain World News Homepage.
Lesson 8 - How to Add Links to Your Web Pages:
This lesson shows you how to add links to your web pages. You will also create an About page for the Mountain World News website. And you create a simple menu that allows you to navigate between the Homepage and About page.
Lesson 9 - How to Add Images and Photos to Your Web Pages:
In this lesson you learn about graphic file formats including GIF and JPEG. We add a photo gallery page to the Mountain World News website and we add some excellent photos and a GIF header graphic to it.
Lesson 10 - How to Add Forms to Your Web Pages:
In this lesson we show you how to add forms to your web pages by creating a Contact Us page for the Mountain World News website.

You Also Get The Following Bonuses...

A Video Introduction To CSS:
This bonus lesson introduces you to Cascading Style Sheets and shows you how to easily change all the fonts on your web pages. We use a freely available CSS Editor that you can download to use on your web pages.
A Video Introduction To Making Header Graphics:
In this bonus lesson we use free Web Graphics Software to create a simple Header Graphic for Mountain World News.

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